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Aligning With Your Divine Self Creates Abundant, Empowered and Miraculous Living!

amirah_sitting no backgroundDear Friend; It might be hard to believe, but it's true... People all over the world are awakening at a dizzying pace, and never before have tools like these been available for support like these and bypass trial and error. If you are like many other people who said they read the book The Secret and it doesn't work, hang in there. I will explain how it all works in a minute, but picture this: You can just listen and follow along -- and get into your spiritual alignment and manifest your abundance!

The Magic Is In The Energy Practices

I know what you're thinking: "I can't meditate; I tried it before and it doesn't work!" -- But, you couldn't be more wrong. In fact, with the simplicity of the program even with your eyes closed you are processing energy. In LIVING WITH YOUR LIGHT ON Mentoring, you wake up to discover your true potential, becoming aware that you are far more than what you appear to be. Listen to ONE MODULE - ONE TIME - And then forget about it... The energy continues to shift as you go about your living. Your life begins re-shaping itself as more abundance and joy seeps into everyday living. It can be that easy!

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Law of Attraction Meditation Training - How to Apply Law of Attraction!

Just Imagine Being Able To:

  • Clear everything blocking your FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE
  • Clear everything blocking you from MANIFESTING your BEST RELATIONSHIPS
  • Clear and MANIFEST your LIFE PURPOSE
  • Permanently remove ALL NEGATIVE ENERGIES and Entities preventing your best SELF
  • Release energies BLOCKING your Clarity and WELLNESS

...And that's just for starters!

It Might Sound Crazy -- But I'll Prove to You It Works

And Not Only That, But:

  • In record time you will expotentially shift your blocked energy. (That means in no-time you can see BIG Shifts)
  • These techniques have been around for centuries -- only practiced by those in secret circles.
  • Hundreds of people just like you ALREADY work with the Energy Tools - What are you waiting for?
  • We guarantee you'll be completely overjoyed with your results or we'll refund every penny!

By Responding You Can Get 91% Off The Regular Price

I insist you try it out completely at my risk. Try it for 60 days and SEE your results for yourself. See your friends' amazed reactions at your changes. If you're not 100% blown away by the results, just return for a full refund, no questions asked. But, I'm betting once you see how different you feel and the results you'll consider your Energy Tools a new lifelong friend! (I named mine "Amiracle".)

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  • Bonus #1:

    Activating Miracles Guided Meditation Mp3 Instant Download
    This is recording explains how to Activate the LAW of ATTRACTION and determine how much energetic space you have for miracles in your life. You are guided to raise your vibration allowing miracles begin flowing into your life, activate and reset your soul’s original blueprint to manifest miracles.

  • Bonus #2:

    Quantum Energy Tool #1 – Simple Grounding Tool – GROUNDING is an important energetic tool to heal your body because it provides a way to stabilize and release unwanted energies. It’s a simple and surprisingly powerful technique to balance, center, relax and heal the body.

  • Bonus #3

    Quantum Energy Tool #2 – Creating Clarity – Clearing the center of your head is a powerful step in gaining clarity, finding your passions and purpose in life. When foreign energies of other people, situations or things occupy this space you lose perspective, objectivity and clarity.

  • Bonus #4:

    Quantum Energy Tool #3 – Replenishing Self – Reclaiming from the past and the future to be more ‘present’ and increase your natural energetic magnet force and personal power. Boosts self-confidence and enthusiasm.

  • Bonus #5:

    Quantum Energy Tool #4 – Setting Healthy Boundaries – Your energy is created for your body. Becoming aware of your own energetic space, your aura is a healthy first step. Having healthy boundaries with another person means that each of your energies remains distinct.

  • Bonus #6:

    Quantum Energy Tool #5 – Healing Magic Wand – This powerful meditation supports you in clearing unconscious stuck energy that if left in your space creates ‘dis-ease’.

  • Bonus #7:

    Quantum Energy Tool #6 – Wellness Meditation – The REAL secret lies in being able to shift to a different ‘state of being’, adjusting the vibes you are unconsciously sending out into the world. You can change your change your energetic vibration to have Wellness in your life.

  • Bonus #8

    Quantum Energy Tool #7 – Stress Buster – This Energy Tool incorporates all the tools and is a good everyday overall ‘energy shower’.

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This is an amazing opportunity and there's NO WAY YOU CAN LOSE. I've been teaching these same Energy Tools for over 15 years and besides doing them with your 'eyes closed' you can't help but shift your reality. If your friends aren't accusing you of having a having a 'miracle tonic', if you don't notice ANY CHANGES and STILL feel more clear, enthusiastic and happy, just return send me an email and we'll buy back all the MIRACLES coming your way--Case Closed!

Your LIVE WITH YOUR LIGHT ON will be available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD, and you can get started right away. And remember, it's 100% guaranteed.

Blessings on Your Magical Journey - Amirah Hall Creator of Live With Your Light On Mentoring P.S.- Thousands of people just like you are already benefitting from Live With Your Light On Mentoring.

Now it's your turn ... You've really got nothing to lose!

P.P.S. - You MUST respond now for this special price and all these amazing bonuses. Don't miss out and don't waste another day without Living With Your Light On.


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Option 1

Includes TEN (10)  Guided Miracle Making Modules PLUS (Value $1000.00) 8 Bonus Meditations Quantum Energy Tools  (Value $80) VALUE: $1080.00

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The Above Package for ONLY $49

Option 2

Includes TEN (10) Guided Miracle Making Modules PLUS

1 - 30-minute Quantum Energy Session with Amirah (Value $125.00), 7 Quantum Energy Tools  (Value $70), Activating Miracles Guided Meditation Mp3 (Value $15), TOTAL VALUE: $1210.00

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The Above Package for ONLY $99 (90% SAVINGS)


Module 1: Your Divine Connection Blueprint

During this module, you will receive Heaven on Earth Healings clearing energetic limits such as fear, beliefs and emotional blocks to activating your Divine Connection Blueprint. MP3
You will:

  • Connect with awe and admiration of your deeper inner beauty as you clear limits to your spiritual power, abilities, talents and gifts.
  • Begin manifesting miraculous moments for awakened and inspiring living.

Module 2: Your Divine Abundance Blueprint

During this module, you will receive Heaven on Earth Healings clearing all foreign energies, beliefs, fears and emotions relating to mastering and activating your Divine Abundance Blueprint. MP3
You will:

  • Begin manifesting miraculous moments for an abundant flow of money and all things.
  • Clear experiences of being poor, survival, struggle, vows of poverty, judgments on money or rich/poor people and social status for ‘rich soul living’.

and so much more.

Module 3: Your Divine Love Blueprint

During this module, you will receive Heaven on Earth Healings clearing energetic traps preventing your divine love blueprint from pulsing from a cellular level into your physical world. MP3
You will:

  • Align with your fullest capacity for love, acceptance and inspiration.
  • Clear energetic imprints, foreign energies, and blocks to knowing deepest level of self love.

and so much more.

Module 4: Your Divine Health Blueprint

During this module, you will receive Heaven on Earth Healings clearing foreign energies, limiting beliefs, fears and emotions relating to fulfillment of your Divine Health Blueprint. MP3
You will:

  • Align with increased vitality, genetic rebalancing for maximum get-up-and-go.
  • Clear karmic conditions, ancestral energetic patterns, DNA blocks and entities depleting your life force energy to greater levels of strength and liveliness.

and so much more.

Module 5: Your Divine Relationships Blueprint

During this module, you will receive Heaven on Earth Healings releasing foreign energies, fears and emotions limiting access to your Divine Relationships Blueprint. MP3
You will:

  • Attract your perfect partner, soul mates… or … If you are already in a relationship you will clear everything in the way of your relationship to the next level.
  • Clear all past karmic relationships, discordant energy, chords, attachments from ex-partners releasing your bondage to the past.

and so much more.

Module 6: Your Divine Money Blueprint

During this module, you will receive Heaven on Earth Healings clear money leaks, beliefs, fears and foreign energies to activating your Divine Money Blueprint. MP3
You will:

  • Attract more money and discover effective approaches to increasing the money flow into your life.
  • Clear energetic patterns to spending money, paying bills, buyer’s remorse, fear of loss and insecurity to reset to maximum money inflow to your life.

and so much more.

Module 7: Your Divine Life Work Blueprint

During this module, you will receive Heaven on Earth Healings releasing external limits or imprints, fears, past life influences and beliefs connected to your Divine Life Work Blueprint. MP3
You will:

  • Align with your soul’s calling, reclaiming your creative space for your deepest and highest expression in this life.
  • Clear overwhelm, guilt, resentment, judgments, doubts, and expectations opening to a fuller, joyful expression of your self in the world.

and so much more.

Module 8: Your Divine Emotional Blueprint

During this module, you will receive Heaven on Earth Healings clearing all emotional booby traps blocking your Divine Emotional Blueprint to your life vision, re-discovering your vision or creating a new one. You will:

  • Align with your ability to create a greater vision for yourself, your purpose and experiences.
  • Clear all limits such as guilt, not-worthy, undeserving, pain and victim energy opening to healthy emotional experiences and dynamic living.

and so much more.

Module 9: Your Divine Creativity Blueprint

During this module, you will receive Heaven on Earth Healings clearing limits set on your Divine Creative Blueprint creating and/or access your life’s vision, any desires and fullest creative self-expression. MP3
You will:

  • Stimulate your soul’s natural creative energetic force to divine inspiration, self-expression, creative and manifestation abilities.
  • Clear tightly controlled patterns on brain function, visualization and ‘it’s impossible, I can’t’ vibes and get the juices flowing for inspired living.

and so much more.

Module 10: Your Divine Freedom Blueprint

During this module, you will receive Heaven on Earth Healings releasing limits on your Divine Freedom Blueprint to expand into a greater expression of self and manifestation abilities. MP3
You will:

  • Awaken to higher levels of thinking, insights, creativity and abundance for vibrant self-expression.
  • Release energetic blocks from unknown sources including controls, restrictions, errors, mistakes, and regrets in your life to sparkle from the inside out.

and so much more.


Having practiced with Amirah’s Quantum Energy Tools over 10 years now, my life has changed in many ways-- clearing deeply rooted patterns, giving birth to my child, attracting my perfect work with an International Aromatherapy Laboratory and much more!

I have followed Amirah's teachings because they have consistently given me rapid positive shifts. In only month of working with LIVE With Your LIGHT ON, I am already experiencing very positive aspects, opportunities and openness.

In just working with three modules : Manifesting Abundance, Reclaim Your Power and Divine Life Work Blueprint, I’ve received invitations to write for the most famous aromatherapy US magazine, invited to speak at the International Congress for the Spa business in Paris and invited to teach at a colleagues future aromatherapy school. I completely rewrote my resume in just two hours because everything was so clear on how to present myself and my experiences. That in itself was a true miracle!

Opportunities are presenting themselves at a shocking pace. Amirah's new program LIVE With Your LIGHT ON is a very complete and accessible set of meditations that is simple and easy to follow. This program profoundly transforming my life while allowing me to understand how everything works and that 'power is within each of us' to access our dreams.

- Francoise

In working with Amirah Hall and several of her programs, I found her to be incredibly accurate clairvoyant, powerful energy healer and mentor. She helped me sell one of my houses in a matter of weeks--describing details accurately and after the session I sold the house in a matter of weeks. I participated in several workshops with Amirah… LOVE UP Your Life, Manifesting Abundance and Miracle Mastery Mentoring which have contributed to me completely changing my career, resolved family and financial challenges beyond my expectations. Amirah's mentoring programs are like a drive-thru car-wash on steroids!

- Veronica

When I met Amirah the 1st time, I couldn’t comprehend her abilities -- it felt too good to be true. I soon realized there was something about her that I just wanted to experience. Having my first session with her, something amazing happened and I have never experienced anything like this in my life. I’ve been with many healers and branded coaches but there was nothing comparable to Amirah’s work and insights. So intrigued, I later hired Amirah as my mentor and joined her Miracle Mastery Mentoring Program. The LIVE With Your LIGHT ON modules and meditations were without a doubt a powerful and supportive component to my deep transformation. She often told me “your life is going to change” and it DID!

- Manju

I've been in tears for a long time--feeling sorry for myself over family issues. Amirah told me I was looking for myself and after working with LIVE With Your LIGHT ON and having several private sessions with her, I've noticed the tears have subsided over my family. I’ve accepted that the relationship as it is, it’s never going to change. I am much calmer now and I have began taking on things I never before allowed myself to do. It's as if something CLICKED and I found where that peace is within me resides.

- Georgina

Meeting Amirah in Dubai has been an amazing experience for me. I met her for a private session and was impressed with what she told me about my life situation and circumstances. I started with Amirah's meditations, Activate Love Codes and her Miracle Mastery Mentoring program.  Today, I can’t live a day without using the Quantum Energy Tools and LIVE With Your Light On modules. They help me get grounded, come back into the present and give me strength. Working with Amirah has been an amazing journey I highly recommend. It comes from the bottom of my heart.

- Dr. Michael

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