“Magic is just science that we don’t understand yet.” - Arthur C. Clarke

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Have you ever met anyone who said they didn’t want ‘more love’ in their life?

Or abundance? or support? or success?

We all want to have more love and hang on to it. But, how can we do that? Why is it so difficult for us to have what we want? Whether it’s a relationship, improve an existing one or be connected with a strong passionate life-purpose… we are all in search for that ever illusive love.

Consider this for a moment…If every person in your sister's email address list got infected by malicious code -- a.k.a. a virus -- then chances are so did you. ... What happens next is that you kick into hyper-mode and clean it up by disconnecting and removing the malicious code.

As an energy being, like your electronic devices, you continually send and receive transmissions. Think of your energy field like the software of your computer and is susceptible to foreign invasions, overload and needs regular updates.

Energy pollution is everywhere and we are perpetually bombarded by foreign thoughts, feelings and emotions that contribute to our overall sense of wellness and success or lack of. Have you ever felt that if you ever stopped spinning from what feels like your ‘circus-act life on sensory overload, you might not exist?

What’s closer to the truth is that you are not even most of who you even think you are today. I know that’s bold to say—but it’s true.

Getting down to basics first, remember you are energy. Considering that you are a composition of ‘stuff’ from everyone around you. Your energy field is corrupted by foreign energies of your parents, family, friends, teachers and so on. Therefore it’s important to learn how our energetic system works so we can support ourselves to not take on foreign energy.

Discovering how to create an inner heaven and a happy energy field, allows you to finally declare what you want and attract it into your life. Reaching this awareness lets you live your purpose, create prosperity and real loving relationships. That’s what LOVE UP Your Life training will bring to you.

This training is going to 'light up your life'!

This training will create that perfect ambience for you… by showing you how to:

This will give you the chance to discover what it is you need and want from a relationship.

If you are tired of all those relationship and life struggles that prevent you from having a more loving life, this training will empower you and help you overcome your fear!

I know…

Over the decades of doing my energy healing work, people consistently confide that they struggle to find their life passion and true love in their lives. On my own journey, I discovered the science behind energy healing and use it myself everyday to achieve balance, have more success and align with what’s deep within my heart. And so, what I can tell you is that it’s a process. It’s a journey and I’m committed to guide you on a short cut to getting what you want.

As you discover the science behind energy healing, you become more loving, confident and powerful.

Have the time of your life filled with love, joy and abundance!


  • Get More ATTENTION and Turn Heads
  • Develop HARMONIOUS Relationships
  • REVITALIZE Your Love Vibe
  • Re-SEXUALIZE Your Self
  • RELEASE Baggage That's Been Keeping You Stuck
  • Powerfuly Reclaim Your Power
  • Feel SAFE and SECURE
  • LEARN To Disconnect From Unhealthy Situations
  • ACTIVATE Your LOVE and Sex Magnetism
  • STIMULATE Your Largest Pleasure Center
  • ENHANCE Natural Intuitive Abilities
  • GET OUT of Overwhelm and Confusion
  • RELEASE Outdated Energy That Keeps You Stuck
  • DISCOVER How to RECLAIM Your Energy and CREATE a Life You LOVE
  • STOP ENERGETIC ATTACKS and the WRONG People to You
  • DETACH From NEGATIVE PEOPLE, Projections and Forces
  • LEARN How to Self-Nurture and EMPOWER Yourself

4-Week Training Overview

  • Session One Overview

    Realign and Reset Your Energy Frequency

    Over time, we have been programmed to control, reserve and suppress our energy. We learn how to stuff experiences and emotions to the point where we are sick and tired of being sick and tired. You want things to feel and be different but you don’t even know where to start. So—you hold on for dear life, attempting to control the world around you in hopes of creating something different.

    In order to have any parts of your life appear different than what you are experiencing, you have to take a step in rehabilitating your energy field. Resetting and retraining your unique energy into a new pattern is an important step towards reclaiming your power and igniting your innate magnetic love energy.

  • Session One MP3 For Your Review

  • Session Two Overview

    Repairing Your Radiant Love Vibration

    The TRUE SECRET to having LOVE lies within your human energy field. When your energy pathways are flowing smoothly, you magnetically draw LOVE into your life, infusing it with passion, improving current relationships or find lasting love. If you are feeling desperate, incomplete or lonely, you are inviting and accepting that into your life rather than love, joy and happiness.

    Having a healthy energetic boundary system is vital for successful living. Your personal energy field is a highly refined information center and needs to be cleared of ‘energy stuff’ that cluttering up your life force storage system. Reclaiming your unique energy vibes resets your original radiant and attractive love essence. Running Source energy through your body allowing you to shine, strong and steady as a sunbeam.

  • Session Three Overview

    Reset, Balance and Restore Your Chakras

    Connecting with and releasing invisible disrupting information on other levels of reality changes your energy field and brings your inner and outer worlds into alignment. This alters your life experiences, situations, feelings and ways of being. It is THE SECRET to how the Law of Attraction works, creating ‘miracles’. Releasing energetic stressors from past encounters and allows your natural love and sexual magnetism to perform at optimal levels and creating your true heart’s desires.

    Access inner harmony and balance by releasing energetic blocks from past relationships, parental and ancestral limitations.

  • Session Four Overview

    Step Into Your Creative Mastery

    Understanding and work with Universal Laws of Attraction, Detachment and Oneness to manifest ‘quality, healthy, balanced, loving’ relationships, situations and experiences to you. Connect, harness and radiate your ‘natural’ magnetic sexual and creative energy and send energetic love letters to your desired person of interest.

This training is powerful, transformative and energy expansive!

This is an amazing opportunity and there's NO WAY YOU CAN LOSE. I've been teaching these same concepts and Quantum Energy Tools for over two decades and besides doing them with your 'eyes closed' you can't help but shift your reality. If your friends aren't accusing you of having a having a 'miracle tonic', if you don't notice ANY CHANGES and STILL feel more clear, enthusiastic and happy, just return send me an email and we'll buy back all the MIRACLES coming your way--Case Closed!

Your LOVE UP Your Life eBook, Guided Meditation and Bonus offers including a $50.00 Discount Coupon will be available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD, and you can get started right away. 

Blessings on Your Magical Journey!

Amirah Hall Creator of LOVE UP Your Life

P.S.- Thousands of people just like you are already benefiting from LOVING UP their lives.

Now it's your turn heads ... You've really got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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Everyday Foundational Training

LOVE UP Your Life eBook & Guided Meditation

My book LOVE UP Your Life gives you the tools needed to keep the passion alive in your life. Love is not only meant for romantic relationships; it must be present in you toward everything that you do. Without love there can be no passion. And without passion motivation is impossible to self-generate. Love is the key to happiness within a relationship as well as outside of it.

Simple Grounding Meditation

Grounding a simple and surprisingly powerful way to balance, relax and heal the body. Being grounded enhances your ability to be present in the moment and life seems to flow more easily when your body is grounded. Simple Grounding Meditation helps release stress of your day and calms the nervous system, bringing you to a calm, clear and stable place. Grounding helps align your energy body and ‘be in the moment’.

Replenishing Meditation

Replenishing yourself helps create positive outlook filled with optimism. Reclaiming and increasing your energy helps stop unwanted thoughts, decreases confusion and increases your ability to communicate with your own inner self. It creates clarity and boosts enthusiasm. Revitalize and replenish your drooping spirit any time during the day or while practicing this technique. You can ‘re-energize’ yourself as often as desired. Begin to feel lighter, more alive, relaxed, and calm as you reclaim more of your energy. There is an infinite amount of energy you can reclaim for yourself.

Setting Healthy Boundaries Meditation

Becoming aware of your own energetic space, your aura is a healthy first step. Having healthy boundaries with another person means that each of your energies remains distinct. When other people’s energy intermingles with yours, or vice-versa, it feels uncomfortable to the body. You lose focus and clarity about what is important to you. When you establish an energetic boundary for yourself to stay within it, you are much more likely to stay in the present moment and experience healthier relations with others.

Stress Buster Meditation

Most of our lives are filled with family, work, and community obligations reaching the point of "running on empty." For many of us with hectic, stressful lives, relaxation means zoning out in front of the TV at the end of the day or snatching some extra sleep at the weekend. Unfortunately, this does little to help reduce the damaging effects of stress on the mind and body. Indulge yourself with immediate stress relief with this ‘energy shower’ and fill up the tank with your vital essence.

Reclaim Your Power Meditation

Infuse your life with fresh energy and strength. Take a journey of clearing your space releasing energetic blocks that are obscuring your options and choices in life. In ‘Reclaiming Your Power’ you begin living a fuller richer life. Release negative beliefs that create feelings of being inadequate, powerless and unlovable. Access to your authenticity and totality of your being nurturing self-awareness, grace and celebration.



“I am very thankful to you for LOVE UP Your Life! Just following the 10-step process is making a great transformation in my life. I can’t believe the results. I can proudly say that now I feel more confident and sexier than ever before. I feel positive emotions growing every day and after just a few days of starting the practice, I ran into an old flame and have fallen head over heels again. WOW—this totally rocks! Thank you so much!”

- Carolyn

“I can’t express my thanks to you; I have finally grabbed what feels like SECRET keys to connecting with my true self. This is not a program on how to love. It’s a program on how to get love flowing in your life. Following the program has give me spring in my step and I feel myself easing out of my shell. Thanks for your wonderful support and guidance. You are just amazing.”

- Annette

“Honestly, I’ve wasted so much time and money on useless programs that promise the moon; I was a little skeptical before buying another program that promises success. I’m glad I gave it a try. I’ve seen a great improvement in how I feel everyday-- I feel like new person… Thanks for transforming my life. I know I’m well on the way to feeling stronger and more confident.”

- Roger

“I’ve struggled so much with my self-esteem and never felt confident when approaching women. Every aspect of my life has been filled with disappointment and the notion of having love in my life has felt impossible and exhausting. I surrendered to the fact that I will be alone for the rest of my life until I found this program. Now I feel as if all of that worry and sadness is melting away. I have regained the power to transform my love life and I’m extremely grateful to you.”

- Donald

About Amirah Hall

Professional Clairvoyant, Master Energy Healer & Author

Creator of a global spiritual and personal development program, Amirah Hall has taken the lessons she learned from teaching thousands of students worldwide and created the how-to guide Manifesting Miracles 101 and LOVE UP Your Life. Amirah Hall believes everyone needs to learn how their own energy works to practically manifest their life dreams and goals. She teaches down-to-earth techniques that are easily applied to release unwanted, outmoded energy patterns so that we can have a more peaceful, productive and stress-free daily life.