Intuitive Mastery Training 

Awaken Your Natural Abilities

Develop Your Sixth-Sense

Access Your Spiritual Potential

  • Are you an empath or sensitive to energy (HSP) but don't know what or how to deal with it?
  • Do you want to develop or master your spiritual abilities?
  • Do you want to actually SEE energy or auras?
  • Do you want to become a professional intuitive reader/healer or enhance your practice?
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Intuition is like oxygen you can’t live without it.

Teacher's Teacher - Healer's Healer

"I receive advanced intuitive training, Miracle Mastery and individual sessions from Amirah. Every time we speak, I receive nuggets of information that are practically and spiritually profound. In her own gentle way, she gets to the core picture while at the same time, handles these deeper issues compassionately and honorably. As a life coach and healer myself, I've worked with many globally branded coaches and can confidently say that Amirah takes this work to the next level as a teacher's teacher and a healer's healer. An intuitive healing session with Amirah is not just about listening to her tell you about yourself, it is so much more. It is about bringing awareness to and then shifting energy around points of discord or obstruction. It is about reinforcing and opening flows of energy. It's about validating what you know to be true in your life right now and knowing you can move forward with confidence on your path. Her work is so powerful that I feel some sessions are like the movies Matrix, Inception and Avatar all in one. Many thanks Amirah for sharing your gifts and infinite wisdom!" - MP

What You Will Discover...

Access Your Inner Vision and Learn to SEE Energy

Yes! You can develop your intuition if you are open to learn.

How to Manage Your Energy Rather Than Shutting Down

Even the most highly sensitive persons (HSP) can thrive when they have correct tools to manage energy.

A Deep Understanding of the Energy Body and Chakras

Understanding the basis of who you are is liberating and empowering.

Learn Energy Healing Techniques For Yourself and Others

Healing yourself first is key and having practical tools to share with others is a way to help them too.

Activate and Manage Your Natural Spiritual Abilities For Well-Being

Healer heal thyself! As your energy shifts, the world around you changes. It's like magic!

Communicate With Your Highest Self to Manifest Your True Purpose

Living your life with purpose is the reason you are here and finding it is the treasure.

Being Grounded and Connected With Your Own Energy

Being centered and present in the moment is KEY to manifesting everything.

Find Your Center and Know Your True Self

Being empowered to live your life on your own terms is liberating and expansive.

How To Get Unstuck and Release Blocks

Having the right tools to release old memories, buried emotions and foreign energies is like getting out of a self imposed prison and life turbulence.

Become Aware On The Astral/Dream Plane

So much of what we do as spiritual beings happens when we sleep.

Learn to Manage, Celebrate and Validate Your Sensitivity to Energy

As a spiritual being having a human experience, you are energy. Being sensitive is a sign you are closer to knowing what you are.

Protect Yourself From Negative, Foreign and Undesired Energy

Energy cannot be contained but it can be re-directed and managed. That's empowering when you know how to handle it.

Become Aware of Your Communication Vibration

It's not only your voice that communicates, it's the signals you send from your energy.

How to Listen to Your Body

Your body knows what it needs and is communicating if you know how to listen and heed it's messages.

How to Interpret the Energy Around Questions or Problems

Reading and interpreting the language of energetic symbols is powerful.

Use Your Intuition to Manifest Things, Open New Doors and Possibilities

Recognizing and acting upon inspirations, is your intuition telling you to take a step.

How to Find Your Truth With Any Problem

Your inner self is always guiding you. Knowing truth allows you to take the path to success.

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Your Teacher

Amirah Hall has been teaching meditation and intuitive development for over 20 years. She began her own deep meditation journey and studying principles of Law of Attraction and alternative healing modalities 40 years ago.

Although, she was always extra sensitive and intuitive, she didn’t discover the real power of her gifts until after a Near Death Experience. You don’t have to have a NDE to find your passion, spiritual gifts or peace of mind, but it doesn’t hurt to learn from someone who has.

Amirah is the founder of Miracle Mastery Mentoring,, host of Lessons From The Light Podcast and is an Amazon Bestselling Author of LOVE UP Your Life, Manifesting Miracles 101 and WAKE UP Shift Happens.

With great privilege, Amirah consulted Dubai Royal Family Members and many thousands of individuals worldwide. She has been a featured expert on Dubai One TV, NBC 7, San Diego Business Journal, Sharjah University, Ritz Carlton Wellness, Gulf News, The Light Connection, Spiritual Fizz, Inner Success Radio, The Wealth Revolution and numerous global telesummits.

Living in San Diego, CA and Dubai, UAE, Amirah teaches workshops, seminars, leads detox and spiritual retreats internationally. She connects energy awareness with ancient teachings and humor, creating a safe atmosphere for advancing intuition and spiritual awareness.

In Amirah’s private practice she works one-on-one with clients and students doing readings, healings, and teaching spiritual transformation in a grounded and practical way.

A real God-send for me!

"As an intuitive healer and retired nurse, I’ve worked with many industry leaders but the significant reason I joined this program is — I never once felt a high chakra space held for the group before and I could see Amirah’s without being inside her space. It was like an ah-ha light bulb. I am now able to visualize much clearer than before and find these program techniques opened up my space and gave me missing puzzle pieces for my own spiritual work and healing. These tools have been Godsend to my energy space in both maintaining it and keeping others outside despite knowing they can see what they perceive as me. I consider the things that come up incidental now. I am not as reactive emotionally to them, only enough to perceive what it is and let it go. I am not inside a box and can participate in the fun. It allows me to achieve and manifest in my space without anyone else’s energy.I feel more confident, grounded and have healthier boundaries. huge bonus that I didn’t expect is that my relationship is flourishing. It’s so cool and I’m so happy!" - CB


Level 1 - Awakening Your Abilities

LIVE February 16 - May 4, 2018

Total 18 Classes - 24 Hours LIVE Virtual Training

*** If you miss class we will send you the download!

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The investment for Intuitive Mastery Level I, 2018 is $1895. Yes, we do offer payment plans.

Healing, Support and Love Wrapped Up Together!

“An intuitive reading with Amirah is not just about listening to her tell you about yourself, it is so much more. It is about bringing awareness to and then shifting energy around points of discord or obstruction. It’s about reinforcing and opening flows of energy that allows life to streamline. It’s about validating what you know to be true in your life right now and knowing you can move forward with confidence on your path. It’s healing, support and guidance all in one.” - SD

Invaluable Energy Tools for Making Positive Life Style Changes

“I have been truly blessed working with Amirah in the Making Miracles Intensive Training. It’s because of this training I am so much calmer, positive and friendlier. I am making new friends because I have become the friend I want to attract. My work situation has completely turned around. I learned invaluable energy tools to manifest my heart’s desires and they are coming into fruition daily. Making meditation a part of my lifestyle, I know life will never be the same because I have the power within me to be a change maker. Amirah, thank you with all my heart for the comfort, strength, love and gentle guidance you share.” - LS

Here Is What You Get When You Start Today...

12 Weekly Classes + 6 Practice Classes

Class will be EVERY Friday mornings from 9:00 - 10:30am PST (10am MT, 11am CT, 12pm ET) DOWNLOADS available if you are unable to attend Live.

2 x's each month, 60-minute Special Topic class and practice session where you will have the opportunity to interact with fellow attendees.

10 Guided Meditations Mp3's

For your practice and convenience, practice anywhere, anytime - Just not while driving!

Weekly Meditation Homework Practice

You are responsible for your practice and your own growth.

30 Minute Exit Session With Amirah

Upon completion, receive an individual session with Amirah.


Discounted Rates for Individual Work

Each participant will have the chance to work with Amirah individually for 3 months at a discounted rate for being part of the training.

Training Certificate Upon Completion

You receive a Level 1 Certificate at the end of the training.


JOIN and Receive These Bonuses:

  • Receive 10 Guided Meditation Mp3's from Amirah (Valued at $150)
  • 3-Month Free Access to Monthly Group Meditations (Valued $75)
  • Special Rate to Work with Amirah Individually during the Training Program - 25% Discount
  • Signed Copy of Manifesting Miracles 101: The Art of Being in The Flow - (Value $18)

Life is Flowing for FIRST Time in Ten Years!

“As a medical practitioner, working with Amirah in Making Miracles Training and having many private sessions, I’m noticing my life flowing again for the first time in over 10 years and feel congruent like never before. My self talk is clear, positive and I have released such deep layers of unconscious blocks I never knew I had except I could never figure out why life was such a struggle. Amirah’s work is profound and her guidance is well beyond that of what I’ve experienced with other spiritual teachers or healers.” - MD


Determine Your Eligibility For Training

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"I've found Amirah to be such a calming presence besides being an amazing healer. I'm going through some pretty big life stuff and in our session she gave me such clarity on what's really going on with quantum energy clearing for me to take next steps. It seems effortless for her (which is actually the real skill set if you ask me) and it made the healing effortless for me to have. I'm so happy to have found Amirah as a teacher and healer as I take my next steps in moving forward in my life. " - SW

You Have Nothing To Lose With My Personal Guarantee

Intuition can be learned! I have personally conducted over 20,000 sessions with clients and I know for certain you can learn if you are open to clearing your blocks to learning a new skills. there are tools and techniques I share that will break down the barriers that block you from accessing your own abilities.