Making Miracles Intensive

An Online Mentoring Program for Smart, Savvy, Seekers of Truth who Want Practical Ways to ​Harness the Power of the Universe.

Learn how to create a magical life that is grounded, practical and REAL.


Manifest Any Desire Guided Meditation

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This is Where You BEGIN To...

  • Master Ideas like “We're All One” and “As Above, So Below”…
  • Form your Beliefs around things like​ "The Universe is Conspiring in My Favor” and
  • “All of Life is My Teacher”...
  • Ask Spirit for Guidance and Support…​​

You Stop...

  • Using Force as your Primary Fuel Source!
  • Letting Fear Run the Show!
  • Making a Mess of your Relationships!
  • Trying to Fix Everyone Around You!

You Start...

  • Getting in Alignment with your Divine Purpose!
  • Enjoying Each and Every Day for the MIRACLE IT IS!
  • Co-Creating a Life Beyond your Wildest Dreams!
  • BEING Fascinated With your Power to Create Miracles.

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Hi I'm Amirah Hall ... but everyone calls me Amiracle!

I have design, business and metaphysical science degrees with life-long passions in the healing arts and consider myself a down-to-earth magic maker.

For over 20 years, I’ve supported and witnessed people healing everything from chronic back pain to emotional trauma and clearly understand what it takes to transform dis-ease into well-being.

As a Master Miracle Mentor, I use practical approaches to Divine Law and teach spiritual principles that remind you of who you really are.

I've coached everyone from midwestern housewives to Dubai Royalty and can confidently report, at our core we all crave evolution and dread change.

Using my Quantum Energy Tools of Making Miracles Intensive, clients are empowered to unearth the root of what's stopping them and authentically move in the direction of their Divine Purpose.

And, this is no BULL!!! It's the REAL DEAL!

It Doesn't Matter If ...

  • You Don’t Know the First Thing about Spiritual Principles.
  • The Last Time you Prayed was for your Partner to see the Error of his Ways.
  • You’re Convinced You Are Paying off Bad Karma Debts from Past Life.

When You Become A Miracle Maker ...

  • Your Unhealthy patterns of Behavior Shift, Without much Effort. 
  • You Experience Greater Intimacy in your Relationships, Without Losing your Backbone.
  • You Handle new Challenges, Without Freaking Out or Binging on Netflix. 
  • Your Unhealthy patterns of Behavior Shift, Without much Effort. 
  • You Experience Greater Intimacy in your Relationships, Without Losing your Backbone.
  • You Handle new Challenges, Without Freaking Out or Binging on Netflix. 

And, let's NOT FORGET that Miracles Happen When Just In Time ...

YES! Give Me A Breakthrough Now

I used to muscle my way through life!

If you find yourself stressed out and feeling aimless in your life, you aren’t alone.

Over 3 decades ago, I went from feeling like I was living the best life on the planet living in San Diego with a good job and marriage. We traveled around the world and partied like rock-stars.

Then my Dad died, my marriage crumbled and had I stopped to notice, it had died a long time ago. Within a short time I was terminated from my six-figure sales job and was diagnosed with ‘death or wheelchair’ condition. The stress broke me. Living in the fast lane, I drank like I was training for the end of times when the waterways dried up and all that remained was Pinot Noir!

I knew how to force my way forward and pushed my way through the illness but I'd forgotten how to listen to the intelligence of my soul or receive the gifts of spirit. I thought I had to do it all alone!

When my world first fell apart in 1991, my happy life went with it. Thank God. I'd always believed in God, but was never willing to give up the reins or relinquish control. This time I was forced to look for strength beyond my own will.

Then in 1998, I had a Near-Death Experience that changed everything!

I stopped making money and hated everyone and everything in my life. More than just the dark-night-of-the-soul -- nothing in my world worked as it did before. Today, my life is unrecognizable! I still live a healthy in beautiful Southern California. I eat organic, drink very seldom, sleep well and consciously co-create with Spirit every day.

I can show you how to Live With Grace and Accomplish Great Things!

Not only do I practice what I preach, I've created a unique program that integrates the practical with spiritual.

This Program is Perfect For You If....

  • Dying for your Life to have more Meaning and Purpose!
  • Exhausted by Everyday Make-Believe Truths that you’ve Burdened for Years!
  • Ready to Receive a greater Abundance of the Universe!
  • Tired of Searching for Answers to your Deepest Questions!
  • Looking for your Own, Mentor who'll Guide you through the next Stages!
  • Desiring a Step-By-Step Path to Spiritual Awakening!
  • Longing for a Practical Approach to Living a Miraculous Life!
  • Ready to Get Real about what's been Stopping You!

    This is Your Guidebook for the Journey

    Making miracles in your life is a journey of experiences that usually doesn't come from reading just another book. Manifesting Miracles 101 is your required guidebook for the journey and your transformation to a NEW YOU. Purchase HERE Discount 15%: Code SE7K826Y

    A Few Miracle Moments ...

    How This Program is Different Than Others

    Yes, I would like to sample Making Miracles...

    Please join me for a class/guided journey of Complete Chakra Clearing for Creating Abundance, Success and Joy in your life. Give yourself about 1 hour to relax and get into your magic flow of Making Miracles. You could go deep…OR to sleep. Either way give it a whirl, it’s a journey of getting into your flow of creating miracles. Notice how you feel ‘different’.

    privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you


    Private Access

    That’s right, It’s just you and me! I have a highly attuned intuition and always know when the truth's present. I'll help you bring your deepest longings to the surface, so you can live the life you're destined for. Although, you have access to a Private Group where you can share your experiences and receive additional support on your journey.


    Practical Tools

    It’s great to have insight. It’s an entirely different thing to use it to change your life. In this program, you'll get practical tools to move beyond insight into lasting transformation. You receive the daily, weekly nudges along the way to remind you as you take steps on your journey of transformation.


    Proven Track Record

    I've been giving and receiving great coaching throughout my life. My natural intuitive gifts, coupled with over 30 years of training and experience and over 17 years of professionally mentoring clients worldwide, give me the goods to crack you open and move you forward the way no one else can.


    You Are Love

    My Near-Death Experience showed me that LOVE is the fabric of ALL CREATION. I believe that love is the answer to any problem and not only will I bring enough for the both of us, I'll guide you to be able to generate and create your life using it for yourself.

    This Program Gives You ...

    Time Will Not Wait For YOU!!!

    Peace About Your Choices

    So you can stop wasting your time being confused and frustrated.

    Wisdom About Your Values

    So that you can stop wasting your time on what will NEVER make you HAPPY.

    Faith in a Higher Power, God, Source Energy

    So that you can stop wasting your time worrying about the Future.  

    The question is, how much TIME are you wasting?

    Get Insider's Tips for Transformation PLUS FREE Download

    Receive Amirah’s Clearing Chaos Making Miracles Meditation and receive news with Specials, Events and Energetic Tips.

    privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

     As a MIRACLE MAKER, You'll Have ...

    • A Clear Picture of who you Really Are and What you Really Want.
    • The Tools to Quiet your Fears and Clear your Mental Blocks.
    • The Ability to tap into your Higher Self and Trust what you Hear.
    • The Confidence in Knowing that you and Spirit are a Team that can do Anything.
    • A Greater Sense of Joy and Fulfillment in All that you do.
    • The Power to Face Conflicts with Grace and Ease.
    • The Wisdom to Inspire Greatness in your Home and Community.
    • The Courage to Create Intimacy and Love with Anyone you choose.
    • The Structures to Generate Success in Any area of your Life.
    • The Self-Love that will Heal your Wounds and Actualize your Dreams.


    10-weeks Weekly Online and One-2-One Mentoring (via Phone, Skype or Zoom)

    As we move through this 10-Week, Individualized Program, you will learn to apply Spiritual Principle and Universal Law. You will breakthrough hidden blocks to peace and fulfillment and begin to co-create a life of magic and miracles.


    The Law of Karma

    Every cause has an effect. Every action has a reaction!

    The Law of Karma keeps the scales of life balanced and as you examine your past, you better understand your present.

          You Will be Enlightened By How Your...

    • Heart got broken and you never loved that much again.
    • First big dream failed and you stopped taking risks.
    • Past illness or trauma is limiting your vitality.
    • Childhood is shaping your current family dynamic.
    • Experiences from grade-school keep you from putting yourself out there today.

    The Law of Allowance

    Appreciate All That You Are

    ​In order to have the life of your dreams, you have to understand and appreciate the life you already have and the truth of who you ARE. The Law of Allowance helps you get grounded in reality and see your life as the gift that it is.

         You Will Be Grateful For ...

    • All those who taught you how to love or how not to.
    • Partner for showing you where you still need to grow.
    • Body for telling you what’s out of alignment in your life.
    • Children for inspiring you to be patient and to love unconditionally.
    • Work for providing you food, shelter and transportation.

    The Law of Responsibility

    Lay Strong Foundations for Your Dreams

    ​If you want more good in your life, you have to be prepared for it! The Law of Responsibility shows you where to make adjustments to lay the foundation for any dream.

         You Will Be Empowered By...

    • Taking ownership of your relationship creates love.
    • Connecting with an old friend opens up a new community.
    • Practicing kindness with yourself and others connects you to God.
    • Accepting the moment as the perfect lesson allows peace.
    • Sharing yourself generates intimacy.

    The Law of Action

    Take Appropriate Steps and Get Results

    If you want to live in another town, you have to find a place, pack your bags and move there! The Law of Action allows your insights to become tangible results and gives you goodies greater than you planned.

         You Finally Be Purposeful in ...

    • Ask for that raise and get it, or walk away.
    • Take that dream vacation and enjoy your relationship.
    • Start that non-profit and rally a team to support you.
    • Take care of that debt and start building wealth.
    • Forgive your family and plan a reunion.
    • Take that class and make new friends.
    YES! Give Me A Breakthrough Now


    What more do YOU NEED?

    This Individualized Program is for Truth Seekers who Want to Finally Master the Laws of the Universe and Fulfill their Highest Potential! And, Learn Spiritually Advanced Ways to Create Stunning Everyday Miracles in Their Life.

    I Know How To Get You There! I've ...

    • Been a professional healer for over 20 years.
    • Spent thousands of hours and well over $100k in the human potential movement.
    • Attended more seminars, workshops, retreats, trainings and certification programs than I can list.
    • Grown up in a dysfunctional, alcoholic family who taught me how I didn't want to live my life.
    • Sought the wisdom of the ages and wonders of the universe from Peru to Egypt and Beyond.
    • Understood the miracle of life at father’s death and my own Near-Death Experience while traveling in Egypt.

    For the best part of my life, I’ve always had a wisdom and intuition about what direction is best. I can hear things others can’t and see things others won’t. I promise you’ll be transformed by the time we spend together and in awe of the outcomes!

    Hear Amazing Real Life Results ...

    As an intuitive healer and retired nurse, I’ve worked with many industry leaders but the significant reason I joined this program is — I never once felt a high chakra space held for the group before and I could see Amirah’s without being inside her space. It was like an ah-ha light bulb. I am now able to visualize much clearer than before and find these program techniques opened up my space and gave me missing puzzle pieces for my own spiritual work and healing. These tools have been Godsend to my energy space in both maintaining it and keeping others outside despite knowing they can see what they perceive as me. I consider the things that come up incidental now. I am not as reactive emotionally to them, only enough to perceive what it is and let it go. I am not inside a box and can participate in the fun. It allows me to achieve and manifest in my space without anyone else’s energy.I feel more confident, grounded and have healthier boundaries. huge bonus that I didn’t expect is that my relationship is flourishing. It’s so cool and I’m so happy.

    Coleen Bergeron
    Coleen Bergeron Intuitive Life Coach

    I've been on my spiritual journey for over 30+years and I never experienced anything as POWERFUL as Making Miracle Intensive -- what a great course! Namaste.

    Antonio Holmes
    Antonio Holmes Private Car Co.

    It felt stress controlling me like a ping-pong ball that I was unable to reign in. Now my self-talk reinforces my action; I feel congruent. I trust myself and feel solid. Before this program, I would say things as if I knew them intellectually, but now I FEEL it. I feel a calm happy within unlike before when I acted happy to the outside world. I am radically different now since before the program started.  Thank you for all your amazing help.

    Dr. Eunice Deane
    Dr. Eunice Deane Acupuncturist, Chiropractor
    YES! Give Me A Breakthrough Now

    Are You Ready to Become a Miracle Maker?

     You Are READY if ...

    • Know that Investing in Yourself is the Way to a Happy Life.
    • Believe You were Created for a Special Purpose that Deserves to be Cultivated.
    • Love Life and are Looking for Practical Ways to Enrich it.
    • Have Done a lot of Work on Yourself and Want to Go Deeper with a Personal Mentor.
    • Want to Finally Free Yourself of Habits and Beliefs that No Longer Serve You.
    • Love to Make a Difference and Want to be of Service in a way that Lights You Up. 
    • Crave Connection and Meaningful Relationships that Reflect your Soul.

     You Are NOT READY if ...

    • Can’t Show Up, be On Time and Do what you Say.
    • Aren't Willing to Share yourself Authentically and be Vulnerable.
    • Won’t take Ownership of Anything.
    • Refuse to take Risks or Put Yourself Out There.
    • Aren’t Interested in your Own Evolution.
    • Don’t enjoy Learning about your Self and your Life.
    • Don’t Believe (at all) in God/Spirit/Higher-Power.

    Is this REALLY The Program for YOU?

    YES! Give Me A Breakthrough Now

    Let’s be honest…you’ve been looking for a mentor who’ll take you to the next level and it’s no accident that you’ve found me. I’ve literally spent the majority of my life researching, understanding and using the tools I’ve assembled in this program. When you work with a coach of my caliber, you not only learn the laws of the universe, you master them. Within a few short months, you’ll experience huge breakthroughs in your relationships, your baseline for happiness will rise exponentially and your faith in God’s love will envelop your life.

    The spiritual laws, that I teach in this program, have been shared by mystics since the start of recorded history and are still the most effective guidelines for living a miraculous life. These principles are not just meant for yogis and monks, they’re the tools for every single one of us to experience heaven on earth. Even you!

    Can you imagine not knowing about the law of gravity? What would happen the next time you needed to get to the first floor? Would you jump???

    Spiritual laws are no different than physical laws. They don’t care how old you are, what religion you practice or how much money you make…

    They must be understood in order to skillfully navigate the twists and turns of life on this planet.

    Still Wondering?

    Why's it so long?
    Insight happens in a moment. Change happens over time. I’ll be introducing spiritual principles that’ll need to be slowly implemented into your daily routines. You’ll need time to experience the breakthroughs and see the transformations, so that they’ll be a regular part of your life when you finish the program.

    Will this work for me if I’ve never taken a class or read a book on this stuff?
    Absolutely! Good for your for jumping into the deep end! Why not save yourself thousands of dollars and years of floundering? I’ll teach you everything you need to transform your life and get started on a path to self-realization.

    What if I already have a strong religious/spiritual practice?
    That's awesome! Making Miracles Intensive does not teach doctrine or dogma of any kind. So, whatever you practice, or don't practice, will not conflict with the work we do together. Our work will only strengthen your faith!

    More questions?
    Just click the link below to schedule a 45min Breakthrough Session!

    YES! Give Me A Breakthrough Now

    "The Universe is Calling YOU to Step Into Your Greatness!


    Your Friends, Your Family and the Entire Planet Needs YOU to Wake Up, FulFill Your Potential and Start Living Your Divine Purpose!


    Let Me Help YOU Get There!"